Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021 except Bitcoin


As the Cryptocurrency market is gaining rapid popularity with each coming day, everyone is quite enthusiastic to find which crypto coins are the best to invest in 2021. We are going to give you a list of the top currencies that will do well in the crypto space this year and you can definitely invest in it. Although the cryptocurrency market is rather volatile and risky as always yet these coins are performing well from a long time now.

1. Ethereum:

Ethereum is the biggest competitor of Bitcoin. Yes, The King of DeFi, Ethereum has market capitalization of $68,127billion. With the upcoming technological revolutions, DeFi (Ethereum is based on DeFi technology) will surely make it place on the top. It also allows decentralized mobile apps called dApps. In recent months the value of Ethereum has surged to over $579 and it is strong on its way to be at the top.

2. Ripple (XRP)

If you want full benefits like low exchange rates and instant confirmation of transactions and cannot compromise on the reliability then this coin is for you. Ripple has its own currency XRP, its price is quite affordable. You can obtain maximum benefits using the buy at bottom and sell at the top rule. XRP token has the potential to solve issues like security, speed, traceability, cost, transparency and risk management. 2021 is unquestionably going to be the year of Ripple.

3. Litecoin:

Called as the “silver” of the cryptocurrency, Litecoin is a well-established name in the crypto space. It has reached to 4th place on the list of largest coins by market cap. It is one of the top performing coins right now as its value has doubled over a span of a month. Investing in Litecoin might be very beneficial in the year 2021, as confirmed by the experts.

4. Now Token:

At number 5, we have Now Token; the exchange called ChangeNow has its own currency known as Now Token. It is gaining rapid popularity and experts are sure of its stable performance in the year 2021. Now Token is one of the best tokens to use for beginners as well as crypto professionals. If you are looking for more and more profit throughout this year, Now Token can serve you the best with its unique instruments such as staking instruments.


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