Where is Bitcoin Used the Most?


Bitcoin is most used in these 3 places!

In 2020, Bitcoin saw a huge rise in its value. The Bitcoin market traded at $23,000 in December 2020 alone.

The next decade and most probably the year 2021 could possibly be an enormous hallmark of the realization that Bitcoin is the real currency. Current investors have firm belief in the technology and the ecosystem created by Bitcoin markets.

As cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin is gaining rapid popularity, various merchants and venues are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Recently, Tesla (the electric car company) invested a huge amount in Bitcoin and they are all set to accept Bitcoin as the payment method. Here is a list of cities were Bitcoins are mostly used. These places have a lot of Bitcoin ATMs, people accept Bitcoin as a payment method and the populace scope comparative to Bitcoin activity is quite astonishing.

San Francisco:

As anyone might expect, the famous innovative city of the United States features conspicuously on this rundown. San Francisco is abode to digital currency exchanging platforms “Coinbase” and “Kraken”. Many vendors and service providers acknowledge bitcoin, including nine cafés, a bread shop and two bars. They all accept Bitcoin as a payment method. There are 19 spots to purchase bitcoin from an ATM. Not awful, given it’s generally little populace of 880,000. There are more than 100 BTC-accepting businesses currently active in Sans Francisco according to Forbes.


Canada is a solid habitat to the Bitcoin; it has found administrative ways to accept the virtual money. Vancouver is home “QuadrigaCX”, the dead digital money trade that lost 180 million Canadian Dollars in customer assets after the supposed passing of its originator. A number of shippers in Vancouver acknowledge bitcoin. The citizens of Vancouver can purchase bitcoin at almost 40 ATMs. Truth be told, “the world’s first bitcoin ATM started tasks at Waves Coffee House on October 29, 2003, in midtown Vancouver. The city is home to in excess of 631,000 inhabitants”. (Blystone)


Amsterdam is considered an abode to mining equipment producer “Bitfury” and the European base camp of installment specialist organization “BitPay”. Around 30 shippers more or less acknowledge bitcoin in the city of Amsterdam, including a bicycle rental, a hairdresser and a vintage ring shop. There are almost 12 Bitcoin ATMs that can be accessed by the 840,000 citizens of Amsterdam at any time. Dealers and traders in The Hague Rotterdam and Utrecht, likewise acknowledge digital currency.

Not only these famous cities of the world have adopted Bitcoin but small cities and towns are promoting it too after the recent surge by cryptocurrency, which seems quite interesting.

End Note:

The other five most famous cities for the usage of Bitcoins include Madrid, New York, Bogota, London and Paris.

Locales like the Asia and Middle East were perceptible missing from the main list of most famous cities for the usage of Bitcoin. Tel Aviv, Israel likewise brags prospering BTC (the Bitcoin cryptocurrency) usage, just as Cape Town, Melbourne and Sydney.


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