What is Bitcoin Halving?


What is Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin halving is an important process of the Bitcoin network that occurs after every four years. The bitcoin network presents new bitcoins in the market by a procedure called bitcoin mining, which is completed by verifying and validating Bitcoin blocks or a large number of transactions. After every ten minutes any miner who is able to verify a block of transaction and can add it to the bitcoin network gets rewarded. As of now, miners get 6.25 BTC per substantial block mined. Be that as it may, this reward changes generally at regular intervals that is around every four years, or after each 210,000 squares are mined and gets halved each time. This entire cycle is called Bitcoin Halving.

3 major Bitcoin Halving events have took place till now, the most recent on was on 11 May, 2020. When Bitcoin was first launched its reward price was 50 BTC however, after the four events of halving occurred it has reduced to 6.25 BTC now.

Why is the process of Bitcoin Halving important?

The stock of bitcoin is fixed at 21 million. After arriving at the 21 million spot, the formation of new bitcoins will stop. This process of Bitcoin Halving guarantees that the measure of Bitcoin mined with each square reduces, making bitcoin all more valuable, increases its worth and makes it scarcer.

Objectively, the motivation for mining bitcoin would fall with the ending of each halving process. Yet, Bitcoin Halvings are related with enormous floods in the cost of bitcoin, which delivers miners with the motivating force to mine more, despite the fact that their rewards are presently cut.

Cost increments boost Bitcoin miners to keep mining. Despite what is generally expected, if the cost of Bitcoin doesn’t increases and the block rewards are halved, miners may lose the motivation to make greater amounts of digital currency. It is on the grounds that mining bitcoin requires high measures of computational force and power and can be an expensive interaction.

How are Bitcoin Halving and Bitcoin’s Price related?

History proposes that there is a positive relationship between the process of Bitcoin Halving and increments in the cost of Bitcoin. Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that cost isn’t just influenced by the process of halving and is subject to a few different elements too. Here are the stats of the previous Bitcoin halving and its effects on the price.

  • First halving: Upon the first process of Bitcoin Halving in 2012, the cost of bitcoin was around $11 and rose to $12. However within a year, the cost expanded to $1,100.
  • Second halving: In 2016, the bitcoin network completed 420,000 blocks, and the second halving process happened. Bitcoin varied from $500 to $1,000 for a couple of months and afterward shot up to $20,000 by December 2017.
  • Third halving: The third halving occurred in May 2020, which denoted the start of another bull run for bitcoin. At the point when the process happened, bitcoin was trading around $9,000.


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