Know Your Entry and Exit Point in Options Trading


Making trading decisions based upon emotional aspects is the most foolish thing to do. In stock options market the two most important factors are the entry point and the exit point, and often people out of restlessness, fear or greed, take silly trading steps. When it comes to the entry point, traders are often found to take mistaken actions due to lack of patience or foresight.

Take for instance, you have identified and set an entry point level after much research and assessment. Next, you wait for the stock to come down to your entry point and suddenly find it soaring above before it touches your desired entry level. Out of panic and fear of being out of the trade, you enter the market, only to find that the stock reaches your set entry point once you have already bought it. These hasty actions not only make you break your own target and rule but also deprive you of some profitable possibilities.

On the other hand, traders make equal mistakes while making an exit from the stock options market. You set a desired exit level and wait for the stock to hit that price point and suddenly find it crashing down to a much lesser level. In the same manner you tend to become insecure and sell off your stocks at a much lesser price. Just after you have sold off your stock, you find it growing upwards to your desired price level and you regret taking an action without patience.

In many cases, a trader takes a step out of greed and wait for a better pricing of his stock, even after it hits his set exit level, only to find it coming crushing down to a much lesser price, leading to a bigger loss. These common incidents often disappoint traders, who then consider the trading of stock options, full of risks and less chances of winning. The two important words that play a very crucial role in stock options are patience and discipline. Patience enable you to wait for the right time to enter and exit the market with maximum gains and discipline provide you prudence to stick to your decided and apt strategies and rules, to ensure that you do not face loss.

A trader should also set a financial or trading goal for a specific period of time, keeping in mind, his economic capabilities of capital investment. Being disciplined should also remind him of his set target and goal, which he should not deviate from, out of greed, fear or insecurity.


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