Basic Investment Strategy


Insecurity and the stock market are synonymous terms. This is what most people believe Interestingly this is not far from the truth. Rarely does anyone predict the markets correctly.

Due to its erratic nature, whenever an individual is associated with the stock markets he/she involves himself/herself in a lot of risk. No matter how much one is aware of the opinions of the market experts one can never be sure as to in which direction the stocks would move. The best way to deal with it is by being aware of the risks the person is taking before plunging into the stock markets.

Whether it is the New York Stock Exchange or the American Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ or The Dow Jones the position is the same everywhere. There are a number of organizations and individuals that have taken the responsibility of guiding investors. However, more often than not, they cannot deliver their promise. What you need is a good and experienced financial adviser.

In this global meltdown scenario, you cannot be more careful. The advisers are in a position to advise and lead you on the right path. In this scene, all investments seem risky. But in reality that is not so. People are tempted to sell all their shares at whatever price available and then hoard liquid money. After all money in hand is always better than money in the share market, they feel. But unfortunately, this will only make the market situation even more volatile.

The amount of money you start investing as a fresher is up to you. You can either start with large sums or invest small sums initially. Whatever might be your investment plan try not to put everything into one brand. Divide your money between various industry and companies. Always utilize the profit money instead of hoarding it. Let a mutual fund company help you at first. Then when you learn few things about this market, you might try building your portfolio.

Listen to the financial and share market experts. They are knowledgeable and more experienced than you are. The consistent experts are the best people to hire. Do not go in for those advertising quick returns in short time! This is a myth. So try to get long-term advices from the gurus.

Avoid the tendency to sell all the shares when a company is slowing down. On the other hand, if a company shows sudden success over night then beware of it. These are industry tips that experienced advisers can provide. There is also some very useful share trading and investment websites that provides regular updates, market news and authentic analysis, all of which can be of immense value to you.


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